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GrapevineGold World Adventures is just that! We find great new travel ideas through “the grapevine” and offer them to you with MORE value! Or, we can just get you the best deal anywhere…we will “GUARANTEE”* the best deals available for cruises, all-inclusive resorts — even tours — than you will find through other online or travel services. Send me the quote you receive from another service, and I will beat it! (* A few private travel membership clubs and bulk pricing consolidators may be able to get you better rates, but we will tell you that.)

Why GrapevineGold World Adventures? Why Not ANY Other Travel Agent?

1. No-Fee Travel Service

It’s unheard of these days NOT to pay a fee for EVERYTHING. But – If I book a River or Ocean Cruise or All-Inclusive Resort (no fees), I will also book your air with no fees attached.

2. You Spend Less and Get More

ALL cruise lines and resorts build a commission into their pricing for travel agents and online services. You, the traveler, pay the same price either way as cruise lines and all-inclusive resorts don’t allow ANYONE to discount their products but them. But, by booking through an agent, at least the Grapevine anyway, you may receive more amenities, spending credits, group rates (even though you are not in a group), and more.

3. You Work With One Agent

Once booked with me, I provide you with direct phone numbers to reach me personally each time you call.

4. Your Own, Personal Advocate

If you are traveling and you can’t reach a family member at home for help with a problem, or are having issues with the cruise line or resort, I will act on your behalf to try to get answers and resolve any problems you may be having.

5. You Pay for Agency Services – Why Not Get Them?

If you pay $2000.00 for a cruise directly through the cruise line…you will pay $2000.00 through any agent, agency or online service. But, if those services are getting 15-20% and paying staff or hundreds of phone agents, they are not able to give you much in the way of extra amenities, if any. As an independent, we make less, but can share more.

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